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You Deserve An Appraiser With Local, Neighborhood Experience -  And The Proper Credentials

Over 60 Years of Local Experience Working with Local Lenders

Jim and Grant are both certified and licensed through the state of Texas and with the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board
We have long standing relationships with our clients who know us and contact us directly for each appraisal to insure their service and quality standards.

An appraisal prepared s
pecifically for your home

  • Every appraisal should be completed by the appraiser who has been to your home
  • Every appraisal should be completed by an appraiser that knows the market
  • Every appraisal should be completed by an appraiser using verified sales from the neighborhood
  • We will never send an unsupervised apprentice to your home
  • We are not affiliated with a nationwide appraiser "team" with a cute name to randomly assign your appraisal to "someone" in their "network"
  • We do not use automated computer generated appraisal models
  • We do not participate with Appraisal Management Companies who "shop" your appraisal to absolute lowest bidder